kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

A girl I work with was injured yesterday. She was tying the stern line and as told to take in the slack. She had never tied this particular line, so accidently dropped the excess line into the water where it was immediately sucked into the propeller. It snapped down and caught her finger against the bollard. The middle finger on her right hand. Ripped off the tip of her finger from about halfway down the fingernail. They had to amputate the rest of the fingernail and down to the highest joint.

This girl is the nicest person one could hope to meet. She's perky all the time, and happy, and a joy to work with. It's bad when something like this happens, but it's really bad when it happens to someone like Libby.

But I think that she's a philosophical girl and will take in stride soon enough. She's strong enough to handle it. But she was totally freaked out yesterday, and understandably. I was freaked out as well, and I wasn't even on her boat. I went by the store yesterday after work (had to pick up some things) and I bought her a card and a little teddy bear and took them to her in the hospital. She was a little glassed over (I believe she was sedated). Colleen told me that in the midst of her hysterics, Libby cried, "Now Nelli and I can be twins!" referring to my broken pinky. And she told me last night at the hospital that she would be back at work, "probably on Wednesday." I nodded and murmured, "That soon, huh?"

Anyway, it makes me sad, but I know she can handle it. I'm the one I'm not sure can handle it. Shout out to Libby for being so good.


And, onto some better news, I spotted my first whale today! I've seen whales before, of course, but this is the first one I saw before anyone else. Dumb luck. I was on the bow and it came up right in front of the boat. A minke. It was little, and not exciting. Except that I found it! Go me.

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