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Okay, you all know I learned this new skill yesterday: how to put pictures up in my journal. I'm very proud of this skill (Yes, I know I'm pathetic. Shut up.). So, in honor of my proudidity...MORE PICTURES!

Every cloud has a silver lining! (Yay, platitudes!) In the mountains of Northern California.

Pretty sunset, also in Northern California.

The Acropolis in Athens, from the roof of our hotel. I like this picture.

A restaurant somewhere in Greece, looking out at the harbor. I think the lanterns are neat.

My dog that died last summer, Buddy. Looking very friendly with that pillow.

My very first kitty ever, looking very chipper amongst my stuffed animals.

"The Big One Got Away!" Man, I love ice fishing. This is me last summer, working. That's the face of Columbia Glacier behind me. And I am wearing the most awesome hat ever to be on this earth. I love that hat.

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