kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Okay. So remember a few days ago when I said that there used to be a jar of jellied moose nose in my fridge and no one knew where it came from? Apparently that was a lie. I had thought that mom didn't know where it came from, because I remembered asking her and her replying "I don't know." My memory is either faulty (very probable), I'm very imaginative, or she didn't want to actually tell me that SHE made it.

That's right.

SHE skinned and deboogered that moose nose, SHE jellied it, and she ACTUALLY ate some on toast. I asked her one simple question. "WHY?"

Her reply? "Because the recipe was in my cookbook. Why else?"

*shakes her head* Oh mother, I thought I knew thee...
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