kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

So, Keels and I are watching this on DVD. It was made in 1965, so it has an excuse to be, shall we say, so cheesy as to be almost painful. I've just spent the last 9 minutes laughing and it's only 13 minutes into the movie.

Leslie Ann Warren is Cinderella (her first film, it seems), and some rather creepy grease-head is playing the prince. And seriously, the women playing the stepsisters are older than the women playing their mother. Medical miracles, I guess. Ginger Rogers is the queen.

Ooh, I think Cinderella's about to sing! Yep. There she goes.

Been a while since I've seen a movie this old. I guess that's kind of sad.

There's the Prince again. He's wearing tights. TIGHT tights!
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