kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

So, I went to the library today (got a couple art books, a couple novels, and the Chicken Run DVD) and there was the cutest little boy there. Unlike a couple months ago, when I wrote about this lady, this kid's dad was keeping an eye on him. They were standing in line at the checkout, and the little boy (about 3, I'd say) was obviously antsy and wanting to get home to watch the Sesame Street DVD he was renting. His dad had a finger hooked into the little loop thing at the back of the kid's jacket, holding him in place while he squirmed and tried to wander off. He wasn't whining or anything, just kinda leaning away like a dog strains against his leash.

The dad kept saying stuff like, "Almost there, buddy. We'll go home soon."

Then it was their turn to check out, and the dad let go of his kid to put his books on the counter, and the kid started to wander away.

Dad: C'mon, give her your DVD.

Kid: *doesn't hear him*

Dad: *tries to take DVD*

Kid: No! I wanna put it up there.

Dad: Well, then, do it!

Kid: *handing the DVD to the librarian* Excuse me.

Librarian: Yes?

Kid: Give it back to me when you're done with it.

Rest of the line, including me: *snicker*

Dad: That's pretty presumptuous, kid. *grin*

I was just impressed with the way the dad was keeping his son with him, instead of just letting him wander like the majority of the people I saw in there. I don't know if it was one family with like ten kids, or ten smaller families or what. There were kids running all over. They weren't necessarily being too loud, but there were a buttload of 'em.

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