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Mkay, this is that silly meme (big surprise) that I last saw BEFORE I knew how to put images in my posts, but now I know so I'm gonna do it.

Do a search for each of your answers in Yahoo Image Search, and post the picture you find.

1. Place you grew up: Valdez

2. Place you live now: Burlington, Home of Nestle Chocolate

3. Your Name: Nelli

4. Your grandmother's name: Ella

5. Favourite food: I'll eat anything, but lately I've really been wanting some chicken lo mein.

6. Favourite drink: If we're talking alcohol? Blackberry merlot.

7. Favourite song: I have a lot, but I've been listening to The Last Unicorn soundtrack a lot lately.

8. Favourite smell: These are some hard questions. Lately, it's been the smell of ripe plums.

9. Favourite shoes: Uhh...my sketchers are pretty nice. They're one out of the two pairs of shoes I have that I wear with any regularity.

10. Favourite taste: *sigh* I guess, lately, fresh fruit.

11. Favourite article of clothing: My blue hoody with the dragonfly zipper-pull. This photo? Looks nothing like my hoody. *sad face*

12. Your current mood: Calm.

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