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We went to the grocery store yesterday, and briefly stopped in the flower section. Keely likes to look at the roses (not the red ones, but the orange ones and the purple ones). The purple roses looked...rather ill, but I suppose you can't be choosy if you're shopping for roses in the Pick'n'Save.

I found some daffodils. They looked good, quite obviously freshly picked that day or maybe the day before. I bent down to smell them and they just...made me happy. Made me think of sunlight and spring. I do wonder about this sudden nostalia toward spring. Autumn has always been my favorite season. And up until today (snow, snow, snow), we've had sunny, clear weather for a few weeks.

But when I saw those daffodils yesterday, so bright and cheerful and delicate, and smelled them, they just made me all reminisce-y. Every time I see them, I'm reminded again why they're my favorite flower.


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