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As you may know, Keely and I have both applied to become substitutes. Keels got her certification a few days ago, but mine has yet to arrive, as I sent the application several day later than she did. Anyway, we haven't really been expecting to get too many calls from our school district, because it has more teachers than it knows what to do with, so yesterday we went around collecting applications for the school districts surrounding us, too.

Anyway, the way this particular distict is, the subs are on two lists, the list of subs with actually teaching degrees, and another list of subs with only BAs in something (in the case of both of us, it's English.) Each of those lists is in alphabetical order. So they go through the teaching degree list, then they go through the non-teaching degree list. Keels is a T, and I'm a V, so we bring up the end of the second list. Got all that?


Clock: 5:50

Me: *zzzzzzzzzz*

Slight distant ringing: *riiiiing, riiiiing. riiiiing, riiiiing*

Me: *zzzzzzzzzz*

Slight distant ringing: *riiiiing, riiiiing. riiiiing, riiiiing*

Me: *poof* Bzuh?

Slight distant ringing: *silent*

Me: *gets up, goes into living room*

Keels: *standing by the phone* I think the phone was ringing.

Me: So do I. *notices we're both in our underwear* We're not wearing pants.

Keels: *checks the phone for messages* Hm. Well.

Me: At least we know it works.

Keels: I'm actually kinda glad we missed it. I don't know if I'm ready to be in a classroom today. Though now they won't call me again for three weeks. I feel kinda guilty. *wanders back into her room and shuts the door*

Me: *walks over to the sink to get a glass of water*

Keels: *comes back out of her room to get some water* Watch, in about five minutes it'll ring again and they'll ask for you.

Me: Would they do that? I mean, I haven't even got my certificate yet.

Keels: If it's on its way, they already have you on their list.

Phone: *riiiiing, riiiiing*

Me: O__o *goes to answer*

Keels: Shit...

Me: Hello?

Soft-spoken lady on the other end: Hello, this is Lady McBlah at Burlington District Area schools, is this Keely?

Me: No it's not, will you hold on just a second?

Keels: O__o Hello? Uh huh...um...sure! Alright. Okay. So it's -elementary- School? All right. *writing stuff down* Okay, thank you. *hangs up* Oh god. What have I done? *panicking* What have I DONE?

Me: What?

Keels: I just said I'd sub for an art class.


Keels: WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO IN AN ART CLASS? *hyperventilating* I have to go throw up. *runs into her bathroom*

Me: *hovering far away from the open door of her bathroom* Keels?

Keels: Yeah?

Me: It'll be okay. It's an elementary school art class. You'll be watching them fingerpaint, not teaching them chiaroscuro.

Keels: *starts calming down, with moments of hyperventilation and panic over the next couple hours while she gets ready*

Me: *still jealous*

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