kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Hey. I haven't updated in a while...I'm a bad journal-keeper. Anyway, tomorrow is the last day of the season. They're calling for 35-knot winds and swells of 6 feet. Can't hardly wait...people getting sick all over...exactly the way I wanted to spend my last day on the boats. Then, the day after tomorrow, Nina and I are leaving on our drive to Oregon. She's making us start out at 6 am...she's driving the first leg. I wish she would give us a day to breathe before taking off, but I understand why she wants to leave so soon.

Then, after we get to Oregon, Keely and I are going to Wisconsin! Wee! I'm going to miss it here, though. Valdez is my home, and I will always think of it as home.

On another note, wee! I'm now 23! One year closer to my goal of living to 115. I feel bad because I haven't talked to Beck since her wedding. I left a message on her machine tonight saying goodbye, but I wish I could have said it in person.

I have a couple things to post in customers_suck, if I ever get around to typing them up. And I put an update ticket through to elfwood last night, so keep an eye on my gallery and leave me a comment! Please and thank you!

Will update later, when we've reached Wisconsin! TTFN!
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