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OMG. Sooooo tired. I had a great day with my kindergarteners, and luckily I had an aide to help me. She was INCREDIBLE.

I can't even think of specifics right now (though I did get lots of hugs, Jamie told me I was the best teacher ever and she wished they had me every day, and another little girl told me that I was very pretty...they made my day).

Keels had a good day with her third-graders, too, but she said they did math most of the day, and not just math, but FRACTIONS. She had to ask another teacher before class began how to explain a couple certain problems to the kids. She will be a wonderful teacher someday.

We've both decided that if (in Keely's case, when) we get teaching degrees, they won't be for a certain grade, or for a regular class. I would get an art degree and Keels might want to work in reading recovery or something similar, so we can switch kids.

After work, we chatted a bit about our days, then we went to Piggly Wiggly and got enough junk food to put us in comas for a week.

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