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Oh geez. I just saw the creepiest commercial. Have y'all heard of PartyPoker.com?


*Opens with a closeup of a wrinkly old guy's face (we're talkin' at least 80), smiling and panting in a distictly sexual way. Camera pulls back a little and we see he's lying in bed. A tousled young blond pops her head up from behind his shoulder*

Tousled Young Blond: *Paris Hilton voice* That was great! Really, you are like so awesome. Um...what band did you say you were with again?

Wrinkly Old Sex-Machine: *still panting a little, smiles* I've taken so many drugs I've forgotten.

Then the scene changes to a screen shot of the PartyPoker site.

Announcer: *basic message* Party Poker, blah blah, online addictions help you get laid, yaddayadda.

I'm feelin' just a little creeped out here, people. I guess I should make my mantra "Old people need sex too, old people need sex too..." But seriously, what does online gambling have to do with getting you a screwdate?

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