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I dreamt last night (no cuddles dammit) and I can't quite remember the contents, but I was at a fair for a bit of it, watching some movie with the word "moo" in the title. Some guy flirted with me a little and that was nice (considering it never ever happens in real life...well, except for the married guys, and ew). There was also a secret passageway that I took out of someplace I was visiting. It might have been a mall, it might have been a palace, or it might have been an airport.

About 4:30 I was awakened very rudely and suddenly when some ass decided to burn some rubber off his tires and peel out in the street RIGHT outside my bedroom window.

Keels slept with the phone last night just in case we get a call. We didn't get any yesterday. I don't know if I want one today or not. If we don't get one today, that means we have time to do other things, like hopefully schedule our physicals and TB tests (we need them for our school records).

We went and filled out our payroll papers yesterday, and went grocery shopping. First time since we've been here that we've gone grocery shopping at 11 am on a Monday. Or actually, on any day. Normally we go around 4, because we're lazy. We went for a walk yesterday, too. That was nice. It was a little chilly, but sunny and brisk.

As we were walking, about to turn onto our street, we saw some little kid wipe out on his bike on the street. There were a bunch of other kids around, and we were still a ways away. By the time we got closer, the kid's dad had arrived and extracted him from the bike...I think his leg was caught. He was screaming, but he was able to stand with no trouble, so I guess he was okay. Other than that, we barely saw anyone during our walk.

Keely doesn't like going outside when it's cold very much. I wish I had someone to play frisbee with. I don't think she's a frisbee fan. If I had some extra cash, I would get a bike. Though I don't know where I'd put it. Can't use the basement, since the landlord's using it for storage (with our permission, we got $50 knocked off the monthly rent).

Anyway. This has been your daily ramble by Nelli. It's not nearly as long as I thought it would be. And a little more cohesive. I guess my life isn't interesting enough to make a truely ranty, rambling ramble. Huh.

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