kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

In my dream, I was in CSI, but it wasn't a show, it was real. You know the big boss man, the tall bald guy who's such a dick to everyone, and he always picks on Sarah? Right. So, Sarah came into the office like, five minutes early for her shift, and after she left the room again, the guy made some snide remark about how she was always late and couldn't she be on time at least once? So I told him that she was on time, that she was in fact early, and he said something again and came off as a total whiny bastard. So I stopped, pointed my finger at him, and said, "You? Yeah, you need to lighten the fuck up." Then I was all proud because I'd just cussed at a bossman and usually I'm pretty non-confrontational. But something about him just rubs me the wrong way.

Also in my dream, I was apparently a really really good swimmer. In real life, if I try to swim actual laps, I come out the worse for wear, with water in my nose and lungs. But I was pretty damn good in my dream, and if I may say so, pretty damn hot as well. Swimmer's body and all that.

But these Bad Guys were trying to kill me and my family and friends, but mostly me. They put me in the bathroom and locked me in, then set the house on fire. Somehow, the bathroom was connected to the lake, so I managed to get out and swim underwater for a way long way without breathing. I was worried because they were following me in their boat at first, and I thought they could see me, but they were just going to Party Cove to get smashed. So I came up for air behind a rock, then went right back down again and swam to the opposite shore. Aaaand that's all I remember...no wait! There was a guy in my dream. No cuddles, but he did share his popcorn with me. And he seemed to like me for some reason...I'm guessing it was the swimmer's body.

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