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I just put this in customers_suck and thought I'd post it here, too, since I'm bored.

This happened to me last year. Not so much sucky as strange. I worked last summer for a company that did day tours on Prince William Sound in Alaska. We got a lot of people from all over, Australia, Germany, Canada, Prague, a couple South Africans, just all over.

I was in the galley and this short, round, middle-aged man came up.

Him: Un café? *points at the coffee* Sorry, sorry, I French, don' speak English.

Me: Coffee. Sure. *fills the cup*

Him: Sorry, don' speak English. I French.

Me: *smiles, hands him the coffee*

Him: Merci.

Me: Pas un probléme.

Him: *agitated* Sorry! No English! I speak French! *walks away, muttering*

Me: O__o
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