kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

So, in my dream last night, I was in a school. I think I was subbing, but I seemed to spend more time running from murderers than teaching kiddies.

There were these guys with guns (tiny ones) and they would pop up and try to kill me, but somehow I got away every time. Then I would go back to the classroom (Kindergarteners) and teach them a little something more, then the guys would come back, so I'd run...yeah. It was annoying.

Then I actually got out of the school and was hiding out in this dirty little apartment, and that's where I discovered that it wasn't me they were after, after all. They were looking for Gwen Stephani, and even in my dream I was like, "...like I know where Gwen Stephani is. Or even care." Seriously, I'm not a big No Doubt fan, and Gwen's hair and lipstick scare me. But these mob guys were after her, so I felt obligated to call the police.

So, because it was a dream, of course I couldn't call 911, that would have been too easy. I locked myself in the school office and called Information, but somehow I got Information in Spanish instead.

"Is this Information?"

"Yes it is. This is Spanish Information."

"Oh." *disappointed* "So you can't help me?"

*without a trace of an accent, but sounding very sincere* "No, honey. I'm sorry, but I don't speak English."

So then I called regular Information, and some guy answered. I asked him for the number of the police, but he kept saying, "Okay, write this down. The number is...8-0-C-T-R-4."

"That's not a phone number."

"Yes it is. You just have to look at the letters on the buttons."

"But it doesn't even have the right number of characters!"

"Oh, yeah." *voice turns evil* "But that's all right, because you don't need to talk to the police."

And that's when I realized he was in on the plot to kill Gwen Stephani as well. So I hung up, then the mob guys were right outside the office trying to get in, though none of them tried breaking the glass...then I realized that I could just call 911, then I woke up.

Also, I'm a little sad because in my dream my mother gave me her old digital camera because she just got a new one, so I was all excited. You ever had a dream where someone gave you a gift or you bought something really cool and you were really looking forward to using it, but then you wake up and get disappointed because it wasn't for real? Yeah, that's how I feel right now. But add on stressed and hungry.

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