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I like to tell stories! So I will now tell the story of stupid 11-year-old Nelli.

Stupid Baby Nelli (SBN) is at her best friend's house, and decides to call her parents (right next door, actually) and check in.

SBN: *dials the phone...555-7777*

Man: Hello?

SBN: Hi daddy. I'm just calling to let you know I'm at Becky's and will be home in a few hours.

Man: ...I'm not your dad, sorry.

SBN: *is mortified* Oh! Um, sorry. Wrong number, I guess.

Man: *friendly* That's okay.

SBN: *hangs up, confused* Hm. *dials number again, 555-7777*

Man: Hello?

SBN: Daddy?

Man: I'm not your dad.

SBN: *scornful 'I know I dialed right this time'* Come on, daddy, stop it.

Man: I'm not your father.

SBN: *upset* Daddy! Cut it out!

Man: I am not your father!

SBN: ...what number is this?

Man: *exasperated* 555-7777.

SBN: That's my number!

Man: No it's not.

SBN: ...oh. *small voice* Okay. *hangs up*

SBN: Becky? What's my phone number?

Becky: 555-7776.

SBN: *facepalm*

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