kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Had a dream last night. No cuddling, but the guy in it liked me, I think. Either that or he was messing with me. For some reason, Keels and I were running a school/daycare/summer camp out of our apartment, which looked much as it looks now, but way bigger and with a massive underground portion filled with corridors and rooms and little shops.

I think I fell down the stairs.

It's a beautiful day. For the past several months, the lawn that was so green when we moved here has been brown and shriveled. I understand why, of course. Frost and snow and harsh coldness will do that. But after the storm on Wednesday, and yesterday's more soothing rain, I can see green creeping back over the lawn, a fine spring veil. Soon all the brown will be gone, and the trees will start sprouting. It's just...nice.

Blah. Off to work on tax stuff now. I had gotten my 1040A partially filled out yesterday when I called my mom to ask a question, and we discovered that I needed a 1040, instead. So woo. *eyeroll*
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