kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Song meme, stolen from...just about everyone on my FList.

Take lyrics to a song, paste them to Google Language Tools.
Translate them from English to German, then from German to French, then
from French back to English. Post the lyrics on your blog and ask
people to guess what song it is.

I to say, that I it mass it to affect to want,
that I they in my hand to break to want,
I something to raise to want, which wild and unruly
I aus hard reason
in the comfort of your arm
on a cushion von bluebonnets
in a cover to sleep to want, which by the star
Oh- to form zu with me to resound good,
I to mean Cowboy
to fly away this girl so strong to take,
who you in which wild free blue to adjust me to be able
Oh- I naeeher sky on and naeeher you naeeher to request from you

"Naeeher"? As far as I know, it's not German, French, or English. So what is it? The world may never know. Or it could be German, because I don't know any of that.

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