kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Memeage. This first one is from Pollo.

· Copy this meme to your LJ! Do it! C'mon, what's there to lose? It's a good self-esteem boost; sometimes it makes you think HARD.
· Try and fill out 10 things about yourself that you really like. Mental, physical, emotional, whatever. If you can't get ten ... really can't get them ... then settle for five or so.
· Sit back and enjoy. Indulge yourself — you're all good people, and you all deserve some love.

The Ten Things
1. I get along with most people.
2. I usually have a pretty good sense of humor.
3. There are times when I feel pretty.
4. My skin has always been pretty good.
5. I am fairly sweet.
6. I'm not shallow (most of the time...I'm workin' on it).
7. Animals like me.
8. There are times when I can carry on a reasonably intelligent conversation.
9. My eyes are green.
10. Even if I lost weight (to become healthy, not skinny) I would still be curvy.

And this one's from Megan.

Step one) Find the nearest bookshelf with -books- on it. Step two) Then, fill out these stupid questions about your bookshelf.

1: Where are you/this bookshelf? Living room area.
2: Who does this bookshelf belong to? Keels and me.
3: What is the first book on the shelf? The Works of William Shakespeare. That one is Keely's.
4: What is the last book on the shelf? Light Up Your Watercolors Layer by Layer by Linda Stevens Moyer. This one is mine.
5: What are the 3rd, 27th, 43rd, 60th and 100th books on the shelf (assuming there are that many)? Ooh...there aren't that many...we keep the bulk of our books on the shelves in our rooms. But let's see.
3rd- The Story and Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction.
27th- Practical Candleburning Rituals by Buckland.
43rd- The Poet's Companion.
60th- Hugs for Friends.
100th- Nope.
6: What is on the bookshelf that is not books? There are tapes and DVDs, candles, pretty bottles, decorative vases, glasswear, figurines of dragonflies and manatees, and a photo of Keels and her grandmas on the day of her graduation from high school.

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