kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Okay. So, Keels and I have never sent away the Christmas gifts we got for other people. We had them at Christmas, and we had them wrapped in brown paper by New Year's. Brown paper, I might add, that we neglected to label, because my beautiful and talented roommate (whom I absolutely adore and who is much better with her memory than I) insisted she knew the person to whom each package would go.

And she did know, I'm sure. Back in January.

About 5 minutes ago--

Keels: Houston, we have a problem.

Me: *turns around, sees her standing next to the pile'o'packages* You don't know who the packages belong to?

Keels: No.

Me: You may remember when we wrapped them in the brown paper, and I suggested we label them, but you said you knew which was which.

Keels: I did! ... Four months ago.

But I do not condemn her. It is as much my fault as hers, and it's not like we can't just open the packages and peek inside.

But children, let this be a lesson to you. Always label your packages when you wrap them.

NOTE: The only reason I wrote about this as a matter of note is because, so often, I am the forgetful one. I am the one lacking in common sense, the absentminded one, the dazed-looking one wandering around the parking lot looking for my car when I actually came on the bus.

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