kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Okay, so I had a scary dream last night. I don't remember much of it, but there were murders going on. At one point, I was standing in a parking lot, and a woman's body came bouncing and rolling down the stairs, and came to rest at my feet. Her eyes were open, and she had a really big smile on her face, like the kind you get from receptionists and flight attendants, but she was all broken. She was tall, and wearing spike heels and a tight dress, and had foofy blond hair.

So that freaked me out a bit. But I was some kind of detective, and so I got to wondering about her death, and then I found myself INSIDE her body on the day she died. I was walking around in an office, waving to various people I knew. I was very nice and sincere, but not so smart. I was the mistress of the big bossman who owned the company. I think he was mafia or something.

His receptionist answered the phone, and then got up because she was going to take the handset back to the bossman...it was one of his contacts in Borneo. I offered to take it back, since I was going to his office anyway, so she gave it to me and I started walking back to the office and making small talk into the receiver. The guy on the other end seemed amused, and somehow he got me talking about my sex life with the bossman, so as I walked into the office, I said something about how he (bossman) screwed everyone real good. Bossman heard me, and didn't understand that I was actually talking about sex...he thought I was talking about how he screwed over his business partner! So he got mad, hung up on the guy, then killed Barbie!Me and tossed her down the stairs.

Then I woke up, feeling unsettled and vaguely embarrassed.

And today, Keels and I went grocery shopping, then walked over to KFC from the store to get some lunch. We saw a commercial for it last night and both really wanted chicken.

But, and here's where (again!) my paranoia raises its ugly head, as we were walking over, I happened to glance toward the parking lot. There were three guys about our age getting into a car, and they were looking at us and laughing. I hate that shit. They couldn't at least get in the car and close the door first? I avoided looking at them again, but all I could think was "They're laughing at my hair, they're laughing at my body, they're laughing at my clothes and the way I look and the way I walk." Seriously thinking of lobotomizing the part of my brain that cares what others think.

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