kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

I dreamt I was pregnant. Didn't get to dream about any of the fun stuff, oh no. Just that I got pregnant. On some sort of deserted island. WTF.

In the dream, it was easier to tell my mom than I thought it would be. She was very supportive. Then I dreamt that the phone rang this morning, and Keely came in to give it to me, but I thought it was about a job and so I buried my head under the pillow and moaned "Nooooooooooooo." But then she made me take it and it was my mom, who told me that she was coming to visit tomorrow so we could do art projects. And THEN I dreamt that I checked the clock while I talked to mom, expecting it to be 9am or maybe 10am at the LATEST, and it was 7:66pm. That's when I realized I was dreaming.

Then I went back into the dream, only this time I was on a boat with Keels and my childhood friend Danika, whom I haven't thought of in a very long time. We had anchored for the night out in the open, but the sea was calm so it seemed okay. But I glanced out the window and saw the clouds were forming a waterspout like 20 feet from our boat, so I shouted to Keely to get us moving, and Danika and I ran to the anchor line and pulled. We weren't planning to get it in fully, just lift it enough so that the boat could go, but it somehow made it up to the surface. The spout chased us for a bit, but other than that, the water was still calm. At one point, the spout hovered about a foot off our deck, but then it collapsed. Also, in the cove we finally made it to, there was a boat (one of those big huge tribal canoes like you see at the end of Whalerider) with a bunch of people in it, and the canoe was painted red, and they were selling ice cream out of it. But catching up with the canoe was kind of like a Legend of Zelda game. You see the canoe in the distance, but it's all mysterious and by the time you reach that place, it's nowhere to be found. And they didn't want money for their ice cream, only these wooden passes that were kind of like Hall Passes, in that they let you pass through the enormous cove and get to all the islands in it unmolested.

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