kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Woke up to a thunderstorm this morning, at about 6 am. Rain was coming down in buckets, and every once in while a flash of light would brighten my room, and a few of the thunder rumbles were right above me. A couple times it made the blinds on my windows vibrate.

I had dreams last night, too. Yesterday, Keels and I watched the season finale of The Amazing Race (the couple I wanted to win DID) so in my dreams, I dreamt that I had a million dollars. I hadn't won it in anything, I don't think...I believe someone paid me for one of my crappy watercolors. Or something. Also, I dreamt that I wrote an entry in my LJ (you know you're an addict WHEN...) and I was rhyming modern English words with Old English words...there were no vowels except "y." Anyway, some random guy put that entry in metaquotes, but instead of copy and pasting, he typed it out himself, and replaced a bunch of the words with nonsense words, and spelled everything wrong, and didn't use punctuation...*shudder* it was horrible. Then someone ELSE, this time from my FList, got on that guy's case and quoted me AGAIN, this time with copy and paste. And really, the entry wasn't all that quotable to begin with. I mean, I thought it was pretty clever, with the Old English stuff, but I don't think I was using real words. It's possible I was writing out the lyrics to the Llama Song or BadgerBadger, but in Old English or (judging from all the "y"s) Welsh.

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