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Yesterday, my roommate called me into the bathroom. There was a spider high on the wall where she couldn't reach it. I got the bug swatter and we crowded into the bathroom, and there was the spider. Not very big at all. Just one of the ones we always find in the house.

I reached up and smacked it, then jerked the swatter back and OF COURSE the spider (now curled into the fetal position) flew away from the wall and STRAIGHT AT MY FACE. I jumped back and let out an earsplitting shriek, nearly pushed my roommate into the bathtub, then we stood there laughing hysterically and staring at the spiderball on the floor. The roomie took the swatter and hit it again to make sure it was dead, and it stuck to the swatter, prompting more little shrieks (not as loud that time). Then we flushed it and it was all over.

Arachnophobic? Why would you think that?

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