kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Subbed for a Kindergarten class today, the same one that I was in my second day of subbing. Not much to report, except my GOD how can those little tiny bodies generate enough frickin heat to warm an entire huge room??

The little girl with spina bifida was there this time (last time she wasn't). She is in a wheelchair, though she has a little use of her legs. She just zipped in that thing. The little girl with diabetes forgot to eat her morning snack and later came to me and told me she felt "wacky," which is her uh-oh word, so she went to the office to get her shots.

They did a worksheet where they had to count by fives. Some of them did well, but some of them...wow. It was painful. Although I can't really say anything, since I don't think I started counting by tens or fives until first grade at least.

I was helping one girl with her worksheet at the teacher's desk, and she looked at me and noticed the absolutely massive zit on my forehead. I'm serious guys, this one is huge and it hurts like a mutterfugger.

Her: What's that thing? *point*

Me: I'm sprouting antennae.

Her: O____o

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