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There is some kind of beetle that keeps landing on the outside of my window screen. This beetle is either a glutton for punishment (because I cannot help flicking him off again) or he likes to spy on me in my tank top. The forth or fifth time he landed there and peered in, I got up and asked him why he kept landing on my window screen, when he knows he shall soon be jolted off again. He stopped and waved his antennae but I don't speak Freakybeetle so again I flicked the screen. He fell away then, just as quickly, came back again. I flicked once more and he left, but he'll be back, I'm sure. No doubt he's a drunk 45-year-old beetle, as those are the ones that keep coming back.

As I seem to be on the subject of bugs, I shall also tell of the time a few years ago when I drove my mom to the clinic. I forget what for.

The Tale of the BEE-THING

Anyway, I was sitting in the driver's seat in the parking lot, waiting for mom to come back outside. I had the keys in and turned just enough so I could listen to the radio and operate the power windows.

Anyway, I unrolled the window because it was getting a little stuffy in the car, and the decapitated head of a bee-thing fell in. The back half was stuck to the outside of the window. Clearly, the bee-thing had gotten caught when someone rolled up the window. I ewwwed and flicked the head and the body onto the pavement.

So there I am, decapitated bee-thing nearly forgotten after moments, humming along to the radio.

A live bee-thing of the same thingness of the dead one flies in front of the windshield toward my open window. Quickly I roll it up.

Live Bee-Thing: *flies to my now closed window and hovers just outside*

Me: Neener neener neener.

Live Bee-Thing: *turns away and starts to fly off, but then changes course and drifts down to hover just above Dead Bee-Thing*

Me: Eeeenteresting.

Live Bee-Thing: *suddenly zooms back to my window and hovers just outside, staring at me accusingly*

Me: O__________o

Live Bee-Thing: *flies back to Dead Bee-Thing, hovers, flies back to my window, hovers...does this two or three more times*

Me: *hears Twilight Zone music*

Live Bee-Thing: *finally flies away*

Me: Whew. *waits a few minutes, then rolls window down again*

Live Bee-Thing: *suddenly reappears on passenger side of car and zooooms across the front of the windshield again, heading for my open window*

Me: AUGH! *roll up roll up roll up stupid window!*

Live Bee-Thing: *hovers menacingly outside my window for a few minutes, leering*

Me: Don't look at it in the eyes!

Live Bee-thing: *finally floats away again*

Mom: *comes out of clinic, gets in car*

Me: *never tells a soul*

Well, until now.

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