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For those of you who don't know, I'm currently living in the city that is home to Nestle chocolate, and this weekend is ChocolateFest! I guess it started yesterday, but we went today. It's like a faire, with rides and shows and food food food, and chocolate-eating contests and everything. No, I will not participate in a chocolate-eating contest, it's not like I need the calories (especially considering all the other food I'm planning on consuming.) We didn't do much today, we got there around noon and left around 2, but we're going back on Monday.

Anyway, it's a money-sucking hole. Costs $6 to get in, then of course you have to pay for whatever food you want, but the worst is the cost of the tickets you need to go on rides. It's $1 per ticket, and most rides cost at least 3 tickets. I bought a sheet of 20 for $20, and Keely and I went on the Tilt-a-Whirl, then Keely, Justin, and I went on the Ferris wheel, and now there are only 2 tickets left. On Monday, Keels buys the tickets.

I also had some deep-fried cheese curds (think tiny mozzerella sticks but with yellow cheese instead of white) for $4, and then Keels and I got some Dip'n Dots ($3 each for a tiny scoop), which were strange but also oddly addictive. They were better once they'd melted a little bit.

So Monday we'll go back and ride the Yoyo, the big swingy boat thing, and MAYBE that ride where the elevator thing goes up to the top of the tower then suddenly drops, though I might just watch Keely and Justin do that one. The reason we didn't stay very long is because Justin had to get to work by 3:30 or so, and it's kind of an odd day weather-wise. It was sunny this morning, and it's sunny now, but it rained several times while we were at the faire and it was fairly windy.

We also watched a hypnotist show, which was interesting and kind of funny, but it was hard to tell whether the people on stage had truly been hypnotized or were just goofing off. Some of them were really into it. I felt sad for the hypnotist, though, because the crowd was full of wet blankets. He'd be like, "Give them a hand, folks!" and a few people would clap. Keels and Justin and I clapped, and Keels "wooooooo"ed, and I tried to woo, but I still can't make high notes. I wish I knew how to whistle that piercing dog-call whistle...you know, the one you do with your fingers? Yeah, that.

We got our hands stamped, so Keels and I could go back tonight if we wanted, I think it's open till 11 at least, but I doubt we'll do it. We'll just have to see. It's still pretty cloudy out there.

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