kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Went to the parade this morning. There was a guy walking up and down the street before it started, hawking cotton candy. "Cotton candy, two dollas! Git yer cotton candy here, two dollas!"

Woohoo! I have two dollars! When he passed us, I held out my money. "It's three dollars," he said.

Oh. I didn't have three dollars. Took my money back and waved him away, apologising for stopping him. I really wanted to say, "Dude. Learn to enunciate." Keely had also heard him say "two dollas," and Justin thought he was saying "one dolla." He had us all fooled.

We liked the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies. They were dressed like cheerleaders and had pompoms and everything. Keely aspires to join them someday. We saw our apartment managers Ben and Danette marching with the Brownies and Girlscouts, and Ben was wearing a shirt that said, "Brownie Dad." Heee.

There was a clown. I was proud that I didn't show fear. I just avoided eye contact. Then there was a clown band, being pulled along behind a truck. They scared me. After they passed us, I said to Keely, "The clown band kinda creeped me out." She said, "Kinda? Are you kidding? I almost peed my pants!"

There was a Celtic Drums and Pipes marching band, all in kilts. I liked them. Then the shriners came in their fezes, riding Harleys in complicated patterns around the street. It was kind of like watching synchronized swimming on motorcycles. Then more came in their teeny tiny little cars. Keels wants one. I told her they looked uncomfortable, and she said, "Not for little people." (For the record, she's five feet tall.)

Anyway, the faire opens at noon, so we're going there for the rest of the day. Fun fun fun!

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