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I went into my room earlier to change, and there was a spider on the wall. Not very big, as spiders go. Probably about the length of my pinky nail. I got bug sucker and slurped him up, then studied him through the plastic.

OMG. Fangs. Huge. Glistening with venom. (Well, okay, maybe not glistening, but definitely big. Saber-toothed spider.)

Worse? Jumping spider.

I made sure the little cap was on that thing tight. I put on a shirt and took him outside to what I am beginning to think of as "Spidertree."

It took him a while to figure out that I was trying to let him out of the tube. When he finally got to the ground, I lifted the tube away and he LEAPED backward and...disappeared.


I think he must have released a silk strand and gotten caught by the wind or something. Otherwise he was a flying spider, and I don't really want to think about that.

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