kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Hello, everyone!

I'm supposed to be doing stuff like cleaning and dishes and job-hunting, so naturally I decided to play with my LiveJournal instead!

Actually, I've been arting for the last hour or so, so I wanted to stop for a while.

I'm chewing gum. For some reason, it really makes me want a steak.

There's a black wasp that lives on my deck somewhere, or else she just really likes to visit.

This is what she looks like:

She's actually very pretty, but scary lookin' and dumb as a post. I call her Fuckhead. I don't know how smart wasps are supposed to be, but I think she's probably on the low end of the scale.

It's raining right now, a wimpy kind of drizzle. Yesterday we got the tail end of a severe thunderstorm. Well, it was severe in the next county over. Here it was just some really cool clouds and about two lightning strikes. No thunder at all. Rip off. And it rained for about a minute and a half.

Boy I tell ya, the lower 48 has some wimpy rain. Not all the time, there were a few times in Oregon and here that there were torrential rains, and it was overcast and rainy for a couple days. Back home, we have two straight weeks of nothing but rain. Then we have two straight weeks of not a cloud in the sky. 'Course, back home we don't have kickass thunderstorms either. I'll miss the thunderstorms when I move back. The tornado warnings I can live without.

I'm very bored. I should exercise, but it's too hot outside and too...INSIDE...inside. I know, I know. Excuses.

For the past three weeks, I've been sleeping in nothing but my underwear, and I still wake up sweating. Yesterday I woke up and my bangs had done some weird acrobatics in the night. I looked like I'd gotten hold of a My First Amidala Hairdressing Kit. Then I put up my hair with cute little clips and it looked like I had antlers, and I went around making moose noises to myself. I almost did it out loud, but luckily stopped myself. Besides, what kind of moose eats chicken and noodles?

Answer: A very lucky one.

I am a very lucky moose.

Now I want chicken.

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