kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

There was a spider in my dream last night. She was big and yellow. We called her Camille.

My mom and I first found her hanging on her web outside of our big garage. Despite her bright color, we knew she wasn't dangerous, though we'd never seen her kind before. It was cold outside, and starting to frost, so we decided to save her. You understand, this goes against both our natures. I'm an arachnophobe and, while I'm not sure if one can precisely describe my mother the same way, I know she doesn't like spiders.

I got Bugsucker and picked up Camille easily, and she sat in the bottom of the tube. She was a little anxious at first, but then I think she realized we were trying to be nice.

Then, for some reason, lightning hit the ground no more than 200 feet away, and flung debris into the air, and some almost hit us. The sky was cloudless.

We walked away from our house, down the road, and to the park, where apparently we kept another house. Mom decided it was a good idea to keep Camille in her closet. Yes, we moved a spider inside.

The closet was very big, and mom was only using one side, so we set Camille in a V made by the pipes, and she started spinning her web. I told mom she should put a dish of water on the shelf next to Camille in case she got thirsty.

A couple days later I took Nina in to meet Camille, and she wasn't there.

We left quickly.
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