kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

For the past few days I've been feeling depressed, worthless, whiny, lazy, and no-good.

This means it's about that time of month for me.

However, it also means I have STILL been unsuccessful with finding a job. I put in an application to work at the maid place, because it seems like they're always hiring, but I haven't heard back from them and they start a new training session on Monday, so I guess...whatever. I just thought of that one as my failsafe. No WAY could I not get that job, yanno? I also sent off an application to a newspaper to be an advertising assistant (or something like) because it didn't require me to have experience in the area. That seems to be one of my biggest problems...every time I come across a job listing that looks good, it says, "Must have experience!" It's unlikely that I'll find a listing for a tour boat crew member around here. Really, that's all I'm good for.

When I worked at the hotel, I answered the phone and took reservations, but that doesn't count as "switchboard experience." When I worked on the boats, I had to know CPR, but that doesn't make me a registered nurse.

It's just frustrating.

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