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Blah. Just blah.

The only thing even remotely good about today so far is I cleaned the entryway (killing numerous crawlies with my broom and my mighty powers of eek) and did the dishes. I plan on sweeping the kitchen and wiping down the counters later.

Also, a while ago, I heard what sounded like a T-rex outside Keely's bedroom window. Then I realized it was the dump truck. That was pretty cool.

Otherwise, just blah. BLAH I SAY.

For the next couple of weeks, Keely's folk'll be here, so I may not be on as much (chatting, reading my f-list, etc.) though I will still be checking my email-n-stuff. Not that it would hurt me to take a break from the computer. Not physically, anyhow. Emotionally, I may be damaged beyond repair.

Anyway. BLAH.
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