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Last night we finally had our thunderstorm. They've been telling us we would have one for at least a week. Every day, "chance of thunderstorms!" Last night I awakened to one. I lifted my blinds and stared out into the night, and saw thick, straight lines of light lashing to the ground, several times in a second. It was a good thing to watch.

Today I went to the library. A book caught my eye, a thick hardback, poking out just a little from the L's in the fiction section. I reached up to it, and pulled it out a bit more so I could see the cover...and disturbed a spider I hadn't before seen, hanging on a thread from the overhanging corner of the cover.

It wasn't a big spider. That's not the point. What was a spider doing among my beloved books? It scrambled up to the little alcove between the cover and the pages, and huddled there. Slowly, I pushed the book back onto the shelf, and Legs scrambled onto the shelf itself. And sat there, looking at me.

I think it was a jumping spider.

I backed away. It continued watching me as I crouched to look at some Mercedes Lackey books. I know this, because I continued watching it.

I did consider knocking it to the floor and stepping on it, but as much as I dislike them, spiders are our friends (except hobos) and as long as it's not on me or inside my house, I will not kill it unless I'm in a bad mood.

When I stood and walked past the spider, it turned to watch me go.

foresthouse has suggested that Spider is my totem animal. This idea does not thrill me, not in the physical sense, at least. It is no secret that I dislike spiders. They freak me out.

But I dream about them.

Keely's Animal Magick book says the Magickal Attributes of spiders are "wisdom, creativity, new life. Being industrious..."(HA!) "...Be cautious: you are involved in a tempting but entangling situation. Bringing in divine inspiration and creativity. Beginning a new project or becoming pregnant."(WHAT?? Nuh uh.)

And obviously my totem animal isn't any kind of cat, since they're all about "self-confidence" and "knowing when to fight" and "keen eyesight." *adjusts her glasses*

Anyway. Yeah.

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