Sun, Fun, and High School Movies

Hullo, flist.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

My weekend was fun. Charles came to visit. We did the usual stuff we do together: play video games, watch TV and movies, and the last couple episodes of Supernatural (he doesn't have cable at his place, so he watches them on his laptop.

In addition to the usual brain-numbing activities we usually do, we also got outside a couple times. It was beautiful here this weekend, warm and sunny. On Saturday, we drove to the park and walked along the bike path a little way, then out onto the soccer field, where we threw Summer's ball for her. We had left the water in the car, so by the time we headed back (after laying on the grass for a while) she was tired and thirsty and a little mutinous. We were about 15 feet from the car before she said, "FUCK ALL Y'ALL" and laid down in the grass, so I brought her the water and let her rest a couple minutes.

That afternoon, while I was doing homework, I heard tinkling bell sounds outside. Summer started walking around, looking at me, sniffing under the door, and whimpering. I looked out the window and saw my neighbor Christina on the sidewalk, playing with her two ferrets. They were wearing harnesses, and one harness has bells on it, thus the noise.

Summer's met the ferrets before but she's pretty fascinated with them so we all went out to say hi. We sat outside with Christina for a while in the sun and pet the ferrets.

Ferrets stink!

Then yesterday, Christina came over with her ferrets AND a baby, the daughter of one of her coworkers. She asked if we wanted to go for a walk. I declined, because I was trying to do homework.

About ten minutes later, I decided that a walk actually sounded pretty nice, so I knocked on her door and we all piled in the car and went back to the park. It was about 70 degrees yesterday, so we spread a couple blankets in some shade and took off our shoes and just sat there for a while. Charley threw the ball for Sum while Christina and I played with the baby, who was happy and gurgly and so chubby.

After we returned to the apartment and the baby had a nap, Christina brought her over again for a while.

Then Charley and I got ready to go. I took him all the way into Portland yesterday because I had been invited over to my friend Cam's house.

In high school, we were the drama kids, and most of my guy friends (Cam especially) were fascinated with making movies. As a result, I had the chance in high school to be in several movies (for classes, mostly). Yesterday, Cam, Rob, Ian and I (all high school friends with whom I only recently reconnected) did some commentaries on those movies at Cam's house. It may sound a little silly but it was really fun. I didn't even remember participating in some of them, but as we watched the film, more and more of it came back to me.

My biggest role was as Pearl in The Scarlet Letter that we did for sophomore(?) English. I was...not a great actor. To say the least. But it was fun to see all that again, see people in the background that I haven't seen in a decade. And it was nice to hang out with the guys again.

If anyone is interested, my friends' film websites are:

Ouchmouth's YouTube account

I don't think any of the movies I was involved in are available on these sites, though you can see me briefly at the beginning of the following trailer for "Ungodly Brain of Doom." I'm in a blue sweatshirt, sleeping on a desk.

The guys haven't been making many movies lately, but I hope when they start up again they'll give me a call, because we really had a great time in high school.

If you decide to look through their websites (CAMP AND GORE IS THEIR THING), have fun. Some of the audio tracks have been removed from the YouTube account for copyright reasons (oops!). I recommend "Pitch" on a3o (it's the only one I've watched on there so far) and "A Time Visitor's Guide" on the Ouchmouth account.

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Charles and I went to the coast today! We stopped at the Tillamook Cheese factory and were able to walk through the facility and watch the cheese manufacturing floor down below. SO MUCH CHEESE!

We bought a few baggies of cheese curds and some ice cream cones. I got butter pecan and Chaz got the Tillamook mudslide, which is some sort of pure chocolate concoction of deliciousness.

We then drove to Rockaway beach and splashed along the surf aways, then headed home. On the way, we were listening to music and chatting, then all of a sudden Chaz said, "Hey, Burma-Shave! Did you see the Burma-Shave sign??"

So of course, I had to turn around and go back. There were five small red signs in a row, and on them was written,

"He saw the train

He tried to duck it

He kicked the gas

And then the bucket.


Awesome. And it's almost time for my lasagna to come out of the oven, so talk to all y'all later!

Beep Beep Beeping Ninja

Last night around 5 my smoke alarm started chirping. You know, the noise it makes when it thinks it's running out of batteries? Yeah, that. Every 30 seconds or so..."chirp." "chirp." "chirp." It's annoying and it was driving the dog crazy.

The reason it was so annoying is because I can't reach the smoke alarm. It's on the wall right underneath my vaulted ceiling, which is about 12 feet up. I can't even get close to it if I stand on a chair.

Since my building manager is often in her office until 6 or 7 on weekdays, I put Sum in her leash and we walked over.

I had forgotten that, on Fridays, she's only in her office until noon. I filled out a maintenance slip and put it through the mail slot, resigned to living with the chirping until Monday.

Oddly, the chirping doesn't seem to be regular. It was at first, definitely. Every 30 seconds. Then, after a couple hours, I realized it hadn't chirped in about 15 minutes. Of course, soon after I thought that, it started up its every 30 seconds thing again. For about an hour. Then it started doing it once every 10 minutes or so.

I wasn't really looking forward to trying to sleep with that going on, but we went into the bedroom early last night and closed the door (which we usually don't do). Summer was still sort of freaking out every once in a while, pacing, looking for the beeping ninja and staring at me with her ears back and a look of bewilderment in her eyes.

Around 10:30, I realized there was no more beeping. Summer was curled up on the floor, sleeping soundly, and I decided to put my book aside and fall asleep as well.

At 2am, I was awakened. Not by a beeping, but by something that sounded like slapping and gulping.

It was Summer, violently and constantly licking her nose. She'd stick out her tongue and slap it across her nostrils, making a popping noise. She did it again and again, while standing my bed, panting. Her ears were tucked back but her tail started wagging when she saw me open my eyes, even if my first words were less than comforting: "WHAT? Dammit, really? Seriously??"

I reacted thus because that's what Summer does when she's not feeling well and wants to go outside and eat grass. It usually means she's trying to keep from throwing up.

I stumbled out of bed and put on some pants and a wool shirt, pulled on my down coat and stuck her in her harness, grumbling the whole while. When Sum gets like that, there's nothing to do but let her eat grass. I know it's not really good to let dogs eat grass, but it seems to help her settle her stomach when she gets like that.

We went downstairs and she immediately went at the lawn like a hungry sheep, pulling up tufts of greenery and licking her nose in between. After about 3 minutes, I made her come upstairs.

I tried to get her to drink some water, but she kept going back to the door and staring at it, then looking at me with big eyes. Then she'd lick her nose again. "Mom, this is the noise you have to look forward to if you don't take me out again."

I'm probably a sucker, but I took her back outside. That time we walked around the building, and she was munching on grass the entire way. When we finally got back inside, I crawled back in bed and she stood beside me. She was still licking her nose, but not constantly, so I knew she was feeling better. I ignored her and eventually she lay down on the floor and I heard her sigh. Her nose-slaps were becoming fewer and fewer.

This morning, I woke up to a chirping sound. Summer was sleeping next to me in bed, but she raised her head and looked around; the ninja was back! It chirped a couple more times and then stopped. We fell back asleep.

A couple hours later, we woke up again. The alarm beeped once, then stopped. It hasn't made a sound since, but I'm not expecting it to hold its silence forever. I'm sort of tired, not because I didn't get enough sleep (I overslept way more than is usual for me today!) but because it was interrupted. I'm spending the day trying to do homework. I forgot just how much I dislike homework! This will definitely take more getting used to!

Summer is fine this morning. She ate her dog food with no trouble, drank some water, and has been alternately napping and bugging me to go play with her. My little angel.


Stole this from slammerkinbabe. It could be this is an exercise in futility since most of you already know what I look like. *shrugs* But if you feel like giving it a shot, go ahead.

It's inevitable that as we read each other's journals we create mental pictures of each other. Post this on your own journal to find out who your friends see when they read about your life.

Two Rules:
1) The person must be in the movies or on TV (but doesn't have to be an actor/actress). The person can be specific to a role or character or just the person.
2) Post a picture.

And like slammerkinbabe, I don't really care if you go for someone in the movies or just think I look like your next door neighbor, or a picture of someone you saw on Google. For her, I went to Corbis image search and just looked at random images of blond people until I found one that looked as I imagine her. But then, I have no idea what she looks like in real life anyway.

TV Shows Meme

First entry in a while and it's a meme. Go figure.

Empire Magazine has revealed its list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows ever:

1. Bold the shows you watch/used to watch.
2. Italic the shows you've seen at least one episode of.
3. Post your answers.

50. Quantum Leap
49. Prison Break
48. Veronica Mars
47. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
46. Sex & The City
45. Farscape
44. Cracker
43. Star Trek
42. Only Food and Horses
41. Band of Brothers
40. Life on Mars
39. Monty Python's Flying Circus
38. Curb Your Enthusiasm
37. Star Trek: The Next Generation
36. Father Ted
35. Alias
34. Frasier
33. CSI: Las Vegas
32. Babylon 5
31. Deadwood
30. Dexter
29. ER
28. Fawlty Towers
27. Six Feet Under
26. Red Dwarf
25. Futurama
24. Twin Peaks
23. The Office
22. The Shield
21. Angel
20. Blackadder
19. Scrubs
18. Arrested Development
17. South Park
16. Doctor Who
15. Heroes
14. Firefly
13. Battlestar Galactica
12. Family Guy
11. Seinfeld
10. Spaced
09. The X-Files
08. The Wire
07. Friends
06. 24
05. Lost
04. The West Wing
03. The Sopranos
02. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
01. The Simpsons

Like Tric, I apparently watch too much TV, but it's due in large part to the fact that I like to have noise in the background while I do other things. And most of these are ones I don't watch any more.