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Or Cheesy Pieces. Ooh, shiny.

15 September 1981
Once again it's time to update the ol' bio. Not that anyone cares.

I still miss Alaska and that will never change. But I am finding myself more and more in Oregon. I am about 3 months away from completing another Bachelor's Degree, this time in Website Multimedia and Design. Who knows if I'll ever actually do anything with it, but it's cool to learn.

I am also about 3 months away from being one year in my current job, as an "account executive" for a local wine-based publication. All that means is I sell ad space. I like my job, love my coworkers, and I love that I can buy reasonably fresh produce here that doesn't cost my firstborn (should I ever have a firstborn, which seems increasingly unlikely as the years go on). Last year Summer (my dog) and I added a cat named Twilo to our family. Her full name is Twilight Beast, which should give you a hint as to her nature. She is as close to a demon as I've ever encountered. But we like having her around for the most part.

I have promised my supervisor / co-inhabitant of the Bat-Cave (our cubicle) that once I'm done with school and allowed to have a life again, I'll start going to Salsa classes with her on Monday nights (but not without the promise of margaritas).

So there you have it. I still want to someday own a small stone cottage with a deep bathtub, thick throw-rugs on the hardwood floor, and a fireplace, though I don't know about the hedgehog anymore.

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Kokopellinelli is mostly quiet, rather lumpy, and likes pie. She enjoys drawing, reading, and eating. She hopes to someday own a hedgehog. And she sometimes wishes she was a primatologist, because monkeys are cool.
Strengths: Loyal, friendly, compliant. Yes, like a golden retriever.
Weaknesses: Procrastinates like you would not believe.
Special Skills: Rarely vomits.
Weapons: Scathing looks.
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